10 Tips for a Good Video Resume – 6th Is a Common Mistake

A video resume aka visume helps create a visual impact on the recruiters. If you know Dubsmash, then this is not very different. Only, you would be recording your own script rather than lip-syncing to someone else’s. It is a platform for the job seekers to convince the recruiters to consider them. It reduces the cost and time for both the stakeholders involved in the initial screening process.

Studies indicate that recruiters take only 6 seconds to scan a resume and give it the fit bill. Now, if you can catch hold of their attention for 30 seconds via a video, then that’s something. But then the plan can always backfire if the video resume isn’t good enough. So how do you do it?

1. Do not recite your text resume. Add something that you haven’t already put down on paper. It could be about a project work that showcases your technical skills or your managerial capabilities. You can make it sound serious or fun. At the end of the day, it should be on why the recruiter should consider you.

2. Make a script. But keep it short. It would be best to be crisp and bang-on in under 30 seconds.

3. Make sure you dress appropriately in business formals.

4. Ensure that the room you shoot in is neat, well-lit and quiet.

5. The camera focus should be on your half-profile. Neither just your face nor your full frame would make a good visume.

6. Make a script but do not read out from it. Your eye contact should always be with the camera. Avoid even referring to the script.

7. Body language makes a difference. Too relaxed and you would look like someone with an attitude problem. Too stiff, you aren’t interviewing for the army.

8. Don’t be too fast or too slow. Pace yourself correct and make certain a smooth flow in delivery.

9. Appreciate positive criticism from family and friends for the visume and edit the video based on that.

10. Finally, retake the shoot until you think it’s good. Video and audio clarity is important.

Of course, there is video editing software that let you add presentations and slides, along with audio files for background. But you can also go as simple as using your smartphone camera.

You may ask if video resumes can wash out the need for traditional ones. Well… no. But it is an efficient add-on tool. There may be a very few candidates armed with visumes and that makes it even better! If something can help you get noticed, then it’s definitely worth trying. You are just adding a flavor of your personality to the meaty text resumes.

On the flip side, when even photographs are prohibited on resumes to handle discrimination, many are concerned about uploading a video resume. Trailing on those lines, don’t you think such bias can happen during any stage of the interview process? And companies all over have strict policies on this front. So it’s probably not worth your time being associated with a firm that is narrow-minded.

Therefore, quit stalling and get your video resumes ready to expedite your selection process! Thinking where to start? Download rekroot, an advanced mobile recruitment app. Upload your video resume and interview for interested companies. Anytime, anywhere.

Source by Atishe Chordia