10 Tips For Preparing Yourself For an Interview

Preparation is a big part of the interview process. You will, or you should, spend more time getting ready for the interview than you will at the interview itself. This preparation includes getting to know more about the company and the position you are applying for, and preparing yourself to explain how your assets make you the best person for the position. And of course, there is the time it takes to make yourself presentable. Going to the job interview can be a stressful situation for many. The best way to help relieve this stress is to maintain a positive attitude and be prepared. Consider the following ten tips as you prepare for your interview.

1. Be positive. Go into the interview confident that you have prepared well. This does not mean conveying a “know-it-all” attitude, with a cocky demeanor. Be self-assured and look forward to the occasion as an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you know and how it will meet the employer’s needs.

2. Be ready for the questions you will likely be asked. Think of the answers you want to give. Although you will never completely know in advance every question they will ask you, there are questions that get asked in almost every interview. Learn what they are and try to anticipate what the others might be. Interview questions are usually sourced from the job posting. If they are looking for a particular skill set, make sure you can explain how you will meet that expectation.

3. Know why you want to work for their company. Do your best to obtain information about the company before the interview. Do some research, using their website, scanning through annual reports if they publish one, being familiar with projects they are currently work on. This will help you to couch your answers in the context of what their core business is all about.

4. Study the job description and know about the job. Most job postings have a list of core duties/responsibilities as well as what qualifications are required. Study these well and frame your answers accordingly.

5. Know what you have to offer – that is, what education/training you have had and what work experiences you have done that makes you the ideal candidate for the position. Be thorough in your self-assessment, think broadly about all you have learned and experienced. You may surprise yourself with what skills you have acquired previously.

6. Come to the interview with a prepared list of references that can be handed over to the interviewer. This should include names, addresses, telephone numbers and email contacts, and make sure you have asked permission from those on the list in advance.

7. Take copies of your resume with you to the interview. In most cases, the interviewer will have your resume already, but it never hurts to have a back up copy just in case. And be sure it is the most current and relevant resume for the position the interview is for.

8. It is very important that you make sure you get to the interview location on time, and that means well in advance. Know where you are going and how long it will take you to get there. Go to the location once in advance so you are sure of the best way there.

9. Allow at least one hour for the interview. This means not making any appointments right after the interview. You will probably be a little fatigued afterward and maybe not at your best right away. Also this will prevent you from becoming distracted during the interview if you see the time for that next commitment approaching.

10. Finally, get enough sleep the night before. Prepare your clothes and know what you will wear. Rushing around at the last minute will just cause you extra stress and make you appear somewhat unravelled when you enter the interview room. Prepare yourself to be clean and neat, and dress conservatively, avoiding anything too outrageous or distracting.

Put these suggestions into practice for your next interview opportunity. They will help to make it as stress free as possible and hopefully contribute to a successful and rewarding experience. For more information, visit http://www.fosterwisebuys.com/career-jobops.

Source by Raymond Foster