Crafting A Stellar Career Summary For Your Resume

Are you a career changer? Or, are you satisfied with your stable career but interested in updating your resume? Are you a professional who has tried different things but are still searching for the kind of work that best suits you? Whatever your career situation, what your resume most needs is a stellar career summary.

What difference can a career …

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Why Is Resume Review Important?

So, what could go wrong? It is how their resume puts forward their profile to the employer.

A resume is your professional story

A perfect resume can make an employer look at it and know for sure if that particular individual is what they are looking for. It can convey one’s story to the employer in the context of the …

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The Perfect Resume

The perfect resume presents hiring managers with a four-fold vision of who you are and what you bring to the table:

The perfect resume offers Logical Proofs:

  • Facts
  • Quantifiable data
  • Logical conclusions
  • Achievement and success statements
  • Relevant professional goals/accomplishments
  • Limits the use of jargon
  • Maximizes use of occupation/industry-specific key words
  • Your capabilities and skills
  • Clear, specific, measurable, and quantifiable
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What is a Career Survivalist?

To answer the question, what is a career survivalist, we have to move backwards in time, when species on earth started evolving. It was a time which best manifested the inherent quality of every living and breathing organism to survive all odds and the fittest of them all survived. Our careers too present a lot of volatility and demands struggle …

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