Common Police Oral Board Interview Questions – 5 Questions You Should Prepare to Answer

So, you want to be a police officer. Well, before we can say, “Welcome to the force”, there are several things that must happen. One of those things is the police officer oral interview. Whether you want to become a patrol officer or rise through the ranks to detective, lieutenant or sergeant, this is a test that you will have to pass.

The police oral exam will analyze your reasoning and your judgment capabilities through scenario based questions. Below are 5 common police interview questions that you will hear, and you need to be prepared to answer.

  • Tell us what you know about our agency?
  • Why do you want to work for our agency?
  • How would the people you’ve worked with in the past describe your work ethic?
  • Tell us a situation where you displayed an ability to lead?
  • Why do you want to become a deputy sheriff/police officer/state trooper/, etc.

The purpose of the oral interview is to see how honest and what type of character you have. This is not about mental power, which is shown during the written exam, or physical prowess, which is shown during the physical exam, but about character.

It is important to show the panel your true character and show the panel what sets you apart from the other applicants, so they will remember you and know that this is the type of person they want working next to them on the police force. An applicant who is genuine and tells how their upbringing, mistakes and challenges have made them who they are will fare better than the recruit who claims perfection. Put your best and most honest foot forward, and you should shine.

Source by EL Forestal