From Resume To Work: How to get your resume to help you find a job faster than it has ever done before.

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“The BEST book about resume and work I ever read.”

That is a direct quote from someone just like you who needs their resume to get them a job. Your resume is everywhere: Craigslist, Careerbuilder, Snagajob, Monster, and Indeed. But you’re not getting any responses, at least not the responses from jobs you really want.

What’s wrong? How to you get your resume to help you find not only a job, but a job you love? This is the purpose of this book, to help you cure the problem with your resume and cover letter that is causing you to say, “I can’t find a job.” No, the problem is that your RESUME can’t find you a job.

Today many employers are more sophisticated in screening out applicants by listening to what the employment psychologists are telling them about you based upon your resume. In this book I expose what these psychologists are saying about you and what you can do to pass these new screening techniques.

I cover why your resume is preventing you from getting a job. I then give you the tools to answer the #1 question on the mind of your potential employer: what are you doing now? I will show you how to fix your resume so that you can answer that question for the employer no matter what you are doing now, even if you’re not working.

This book is a resume tool kit that shows you how to cure your rejected resume problem. Once you fix your resume, how do you connect it with the employer? No problem. In this book I will show you the latest techniques on how to connect with employers that will increase your resume response rate guaranteed.

The reason why I know these techniques work is that in 1993 I began volunteering at a Job Information Center where I was able to help thousands of people who were in transition from unemployment or underemployment, into a job, a career, or a business of their own. I worked with participants individually and as a group, along with friends who were employers, HR professionals, and employment psychologists.

From decades of experience I put together this book. These techniques work. It worked for the workshop participants so I am confident that these techniques will also work for you. I also include a resource section for those who need more help and those who admit they need a job fast.

The resource section covers such things as online jobs, part-time jobs, jobs for teens, summer jobs, customer service jobs, entry level jobs, work from home jobs, professional jobs, executive jobs, IT jobs, retail jobs, office jobs, sales jobs, sports jobs, teaching jobs, clerical jobs, healthcare jobs, and the list goes on.

I list over 250 resources that you can begin using today to find a job as fast as possible. If you are looking for a new job or looking to change careers, you need to know how to build a resume that is bulletproof against employers screening you out.

You want to work, employers want to hire you. Using this book will show you how to add value to your job search and help connect the dots to your new employer. This book has helped to answer questions that many job seekers once asked themselves:

How can I change jobs?
How to get a job fast?
How do I overcome obstacles to getting a job?

This is not only a job transition resource, but it is also a recipe for success so that you don’t have to fear long-term unemployment. The success tips in this book have given thousands of Job Information Center participants the confidence to get their resume to help them find a job faster than it has ever done before. I was their career coach, and through this book I can be your career coach as well. I wish you great success. Thank you.

C. Edwin Gill