Police Oral Board Interview – Addressing Illegal Drug Use Questions

If you want to become a police officer, and you’ve used drugs in the past, then the best thing to do is to come clean about it. If you try to withhold prior drug use from the interview panel, or the polygraph examiner, you’ll be disqualified immediately. Although you’ll be asked questions concerning past drug use during the polygraph test, the oral board raters may ask you about it as well.

Some departments will not allow you to continue in the recruiting process if you’ve used drugs within the last 2-3 years. So if you’re considering a career in law enforcement, then I would highly recommend that you stay clear away from drugs. The drug use policy varies from department to department, but I wouldn’t chance it by sneaking a few puffs weeks before your interview. Why do I say that. I knew of a recruit, who actually got high the night before his polygraph test. Needless to say, he was eliminated on the spot.

The bottom-line here is to always be up front about past drug use. I don’t care what drug it might have been. If you’ve done marijuana, or other drugs, simply be up front about it. Departments realize there are quite a few qualified applicants who might have made a mistake or two in their life, but the ultimately sin is lying about it. That is inexcusable, and grounds for disqualification.

How to address Illegal drug question:

The best way to answer an illegal drug question is to remain calm and the tell the truth. Be completely honest during both the polygraph and the oral board interview. There’s no certain way to get booted from the hiring process than to withhold past drug use from the interview panel and/or the polygraph examiner.

Source by EL Forestal