Teaching Assistant Resume Guide

Once you have taken the appropriate teaching assistant courses and meet the requirements to become a teacher’s aide, the next most important step is writing a good resume. Your resume is the primary document an employer will look at in determining whether to call you in for an interview and whether to ultimately offer you a position. When writing your resume, be sure to follow these tips to maximize the effectiveness of your application for a teaching assistant position:

• Studies show that job recruiters spend only about an average of six seconds looking at each resume, so make sure your resume has an appealing and easy-to-follow format.

The formatting for your resume is almost as, or just as, important as your content. If your resume looks sloppy or hard-to-follow, there is a very good chance that the employer will just toss it out and move on to the next one, perhaps without really even ready what is on your resume! On the other hand, if it looks attractive and put together well, this may even impress the employer by itself, giving you an advantage in the application process.

It is worth the time to make sure your resume looks good.

• A well-written Objective statement will help your resume stand out.

Keep your Objective concise and straightforward, and also specific to the school or district you are applying to. This means that you may need to slightly change your Objective statement for each place you apply to, but this will mean that your resume will stand out that much more from the rest of the competition.

A possible Objective might go something like, “To obtain a position as a teaching assistant at (name of the school or district)”.

Do NOT write more than what is necessary in your Objective.

• Include all relevant work and volunteer experience, especially those that have to do with children.

In your resume, you should have a category titled “Work Experience” for your relevant work experience, and a category titled “Other Experience” for your relevant volunteer or other related experience. First, write out what the experience is, and then, if appropriate, list some details about the experience below it. Focus these details upon responsibilities within the experience that would make you a great choice for a teaching assistant position.

If you are looking to gain experience to build your resume, I would highly recommend that you look for tutoring opportunities, offer to help at after-school activities, and/or volunteer at organizations that work with youth, such as a Boys and Girls Club or a Children’s Museum.

Source by Steven T Johnson