The Police Interview Question You Must Answer Correctly to Pass Your Police Oral Board

If there is one police interview question that you must answer correctly during your interview, it will be the one relating to the use of deadly force. Your police oral board will place great emphasis on this question because if you are not willing or able to use deadly force, then quite simply, you will be considered a liability that cannot be hired.

Now, I do not mean “liability” in the negative way it sounds, but you will be a liability not only to the police department that you are applying to, but to yourself as well. As a police officer, I do not want to hire anyone that cannot tell me for certain that they can and will use deadly force when and if it becomes necessary.

The cold, hard fact about police work is that you are very likely to be placed in a deadly force situation sometime during your career. You have to be ready to let your police interview panel know that you have accepted that you may have to take a life on the very first day of the job, should it become necessary.

This is usually the police interview question that causes many people to fail their oral exam. Of those that fail this question, they are either against taking the life of another or they are just too afraid to tell the police interview panel that they would take a life when they are presented with a deadly force scenario question during the oral board.

The bottom line is that police officers are expected to take a life when it becomes necessary. Don’t be afraid to convey this to the police oral board panel.

Source by Mark Denton